29 Fun Church Picnic Games For All Ages

Want to make good use of your Sunday afternoon, how about we give you a dose of fun church picnic games for all ages!

Picnic activities spread love and encourage good neighborliness. You might be wondering how you can bring a lot of fun to the picnic, but all you can think of is playing cards or chess. Well, don’t stress because we are going to sample for you some of the best fun games for kids, adults, and seniors.

Besides, it’s not everyone that enjoys the coveted family reunions.

The 21st era simplified life with the introduction of technological gadgets. Interaction nowadays is via Skype, WhatsApp video, call or messenger among others. So we provide you some actionable ideas on how to bring the members of your church together on a picnic with a lot of fun.

Church Picnic Games for all Ages

The list of games below is all-inclusive. All age categories have been catered to, so there is no reason for anyone to miss out on the fun.

Water Slides

Water slide for kids

Water slides are perfect for kid’s Olympics and are a fun way of having fun. Now all you need to do is layout a sheet of polythene on a gentle soap and cover it with soap. Then have the kids slide down while doing stunts and tricks and let the best water slider take the cup home.

Blind Hunt And Fetch

Two teams will enjoy this game, and you will need two blindfolds and a bean bag. Lineup the two teams and get a member from each who will be blindfolded to hunt and fetch the bean bag in the play area. When the blindfolded team member is on the playground, his team will shout to give him directions to the bean bag and back to the team.

A successful hunt gives each team a point. When everyone has had a go at the hunt and fetch, the team with the most points takes the cup.


Kids playing statues game

Statues involve one team and one host player. The participants will stand and face the host, and the latter will start standing in funny positions. The participants must replicate until they show another position. Any player who cannot hold up is taken out.

To make it even more interesting, the host can either pat or rub the participant’s stomach and see if they will still stay in position.

Bible Telephone

The bible telephone is a very exciting game that shows how information changes as it is passed down to different people.

You will only need a bible and participants who will line up in one straight line. Then pick a short verse from the bible and have the last person whisper it to the person in front of them.

The last person who will receive the message will shout it out loud. You will realize the message had been distorted.

Water fight

Your church picnic can’t be complete without a water fight for the kids or adults. The good thing is that it doesn’t cost a lot of money. So what you will do is just get a hose for the older people and water guns for the little ones and get the fun going.

Water fight for all ages

Silky Sock Race

Any game gets exciting when there is a prize to be claimed! Get contestants, and get as many pairs of socks as you can get and set the time.

Before you start make sure that other members are ready to cheer them on, so that they can stay motivated. When you click start, the contestants will have to put on as many pairs of socks as they can get.

Let the contestants sit on the floor and wear winter mittens on their hands.

Blanket Ball

To enjoy this game you will first need two teams of four, two blankets, a ball, and a net.
Team members will hold on to the four corners of the blanket. One team will serve the ball to the other side without touching it with their hands. The other team will use their blanket to catch the ball and throw it back.

Name Game

Name Game is a fun way of encouraging people to read their bibles. In this game, the first participants say out the name of a character in the bible.
The one that follows will come up with the name of a different person in the bible.
The name must start with the last letter of the previously mentioned bible character.

Team Tug Of War

Team tug of war game

The cooperation that arises from teamwork can help bring strangers together. All you will need is a strong rope, and two teams, to flex their muscles.

Biblical Reverse Charades

Get slips of paper and write down the name of the bible stories and divide people into groups. Let the teams act out the bible stories while another person guesses it.

Minute To Win It

The minute to win the game comes in varieties. For example, you could get contestants to place cookies on their foreheads, and try to get them to their mouths within a minute.

Church Picnic Games For Older Adults

Church picnic games are for all ages from the young to the older citizen. So on a bright Sunday afternoon, you want to make sure no one is left out in the fun. That is why we came up with a list of games that you could adopt for seniors. And will help enhance their creativity, emotional well being, and even prevent dementia.

Card Game

Older adults playing cards on a picnic

Card games are very many, and older people have mastered most of them. You only need to provide a deck of cards, a few chairs, and a table to get the game going.


Playing badminton on picnic

Badminton is a good physical exercise and is of great benefit to older adults health-wise. It involves physical movements, such as jumping running, and tossing. This will help to rejuvenate all the parts of the body.

Word And Number Of Games

As we get older we tend to gradually lack the ability to remember things. For sure, a puzzle game will thus help you keep brains sharp. Sudoku, word search, and crossword puzzles are some of the games that you can adopt to keep the older generation engaged.


Senior games

A chess game is a sure way to get older adults intrigued. And also the young can try to beat the older citizens.

Smile Toss

Smile toss is a healthy game for the older generation and you can add it to your church picnic games list. It helps reduce stress, blood pressure and even strengthen the immune system. To play, you will get the older citizens to sit in a circle. Get someone to play some recorded music. Then get a balloon and draw a smiley face on it.

The smiley balloon will then be passed around while the music is playing. When it is stopped, the person holding the balloon has to try their level best not to smile. But in case they smile they will have to leave the circle with the last person being the ultimate winner.

The Bean Bag Toss

Bean bag toss game

The bean bag toss is one of the games where the contestants have to score higher points than their opponents. To do that, they must land their bean bags at a designated area.


Horseshoe’s game will keep the older citizens engaged. The only big task here is to get the horseshoe to land closer to the stake than your opponent’s horseshoe.

The Water Balloon Toss

Water balloon toss

Don’t fail to include the water balloon toss in your list of fun outdoor games for large groups. Older people will especially love this because it is as simple as tossing a water balloon back and forth over an increasing distance. The catch here is to ensure that the balloon doesn’t break. This is a perfect game for large groups since it should be played in teams.


Croquet can be adopted for seniors because of its simplicity. In this game, you will need mallets and balls and contestants will try to hit the balls through the wickets.
There is no limit to the number of players who can play the game.

For extreme fun, you could either lengthen or shorten the course with regard to your schedule.

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball game

A game like bocce ball is very easy to master and only needs two teams to go against each other. They will thus toss metal or plastic balls as close as possible to the bocce ball.

Old Fashioned Church Picnic Games

If you check most of the old-fashioned stuff (from clothes to cars) are making a comeback.

Interacting with people in the 21st century is also considered old-fashioned because of the influx of electronic gadgets.

Old fashioned games can be a good way of passing the old good knowledge of several types of activities. This will enhance people’s social lives for sure.

Piggyback Races

Piggyback races in the park

Piggyback races can be a good game for kids as well as adults where contestants piggyback a partner and run off to the finishing line.

Skipping Chants

Skipping chants is good for kids because they can act out the chants while they skip the rope.

Wheelbarrow Races

Whellbarrow races for adults and kids

You could incorporate this game in one of your Sunday picnic gatherings. Ensure that the one holding the feet of the one with their hands on the ground doesn’t go faster than the wheelbarrow.

Gumboot Throwing

A gumboot for a child could be quite heavy when it comes to throwing. While in a church picnic you could engage the little ones and see who can throw the gumboot the farthest.

Relay Races

Relay races

The games to play on a picnic only be limited in one’s mind. The relay race, for example, can be made more fun by using water.
You could, thus, find a leaking cup or a sponge and ask participants to transfer water and fill a bucket. The first team to fill the bucket takes the cup.

Hot Potato

To get the hot potato up and running, roll a pair of socks into a ball. So everyone is going to participate in this and you can, therefore, have them sit in a circle. Let them pass the sock ball to each other while playing some music. When the music stops the one who is holding the sock ball is out.

Egg And Spoon Races

Egg and spoon race for kids

The Sunday games could also benefit from the egg and spoon races because both adults and kids can play. So here you will give the participants hard-boiled eggs on a spoon and ask them to run with it to the finishing line. In case it falls off before reaching the finish line the contestant has to go back and start again.

Three-legged Races

The three-legged race is a hilarious church picnic game and can also be adopted in other parties. In this game, you can pair up a child and a parent or even couples and tie their legs with a stocking so that they become one. The logic here is to create an illusion of three legs. Thus, as they race they will most probably trip over and fall, before reaching the finish line.


The Sunday games are not limited given the old school lifestyle since there are many games in the archives. If we are not careful they might go as extinct as the dinosaurs. So the best method to revive some of these games is via the church picnic. Besides, it would be a welcome break from the long hours behind the computer screen. Everyone can also contribute to their planning, and you can thus fetch some ideas from here.

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