8 Easy And Cheap DIY Kids’ Picnic Table Plans

Even an amateur with no woodworking experience can build a kid’s picnic table with these plans.

Did you know that you can easily save over $100 dollars by building a kids’ picnic table instead of buying one? It’s probably a lot easier than you think. All you need is lumber, a saw, a drill, and some basic hardware. Pick one of these kids’ picnic table plans and make your little ones their very own table for this picnic season.

Simple Picnic Table For Toddlers 6 And Under

This toddlers’ picnic table is easy to make. The instructions are very simple and easy to understand. Even someone who’s never built anything like this can do it. It’s just a basic picnic table with a bench attached to each side. But, of course, it is sized for toddlers. You won’t need several different types of lumber. Eight long cedar deck boards are all you’ll need to get. Besides the lumber, you just need screws, sandpaper, and stain or varnish.

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Picnic Table For Bigger Kids

Kids aged seven and up need a bigger table than the toddler’s one. But they may not be ready for an adult table. They’ll feel like they’re a part of the activities if they have a table that’s the perfect size for them.

These plans for a bigger kids’ picnic table will help you make a table that is just right for them. It’s just as easy to make as the toddler’s table, and the cost is also very similar. Older kids can even help. Just make sure you supervise them when they use power tools.

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Kids’ Picnic Table With Separate Benches

Perhaps you’d rather have a picnic table with benches that aren’t attached. Picnic tables like this are easier for one person to move around. And bigger kids can scoot the benches as close to or as far away from the table as they need to. You can also use the benches for seating when the table isn’t being used. There are many reasons why a standalone table with benches may be a better choice for you.

It is actually a little easier to build a table and benches separately. So you may want to go this route if you aren’t confident in your DIY woodworking skills. Check out these plans for a kids’ picnic table with detached benches for older children.

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Folding Kids’ Picnic Table

A folding kids’ picnic table can easily be stowed away when it’s not in use. That will keep your yard tidy. But folding the kids’ table up after the meal will give you more room to play these awesome kid’s picnic games.

Don’t worry. It’s not really that hard to make a folding table. The procedure is very similar to making the simple kids’ picnic table above. The main difference is that you’ll be adding hinges. Another great thing about these plans is that all of the sharp corners are rounded off. That can help to prevent injury to the kids when they are running around having the time of their lives.

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Composite Kids’ Picnic Table

Wooden picnic tables require periodic maintenance. You have to stain or varnish them once in a while. If you don’t, the wood may discolor or warp. But composite picnic tables aren’t made of wood. It’s more of a plastic material. That means that it stands up to the elements much better than wood. And you won’t get those little stain rings from soda cans and cups.

Follow these plans to make a composite kids’ picnic table for your little ones. It’s just as easy as making a wood picnic table. It does cost a little more for the material, though. But just think of the time and money you’ll save over the years by not having to maintain it.

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Pirate Kids’ Picnic Table

Here’s one of the most fun picnic tables for children. This pirate kids’ picnic table looks just like a pirate ship. It’s just a regular kids’ picnic table at its core. But it has easy-to-make end caps that make it look like a true buccaneer’s boat.

It is a bit more difficult to make than a regular picnic table, but the instructions here are very easy to follow. You’ll have to invest some extra money on paint, too. There are several different colors. Maybe the kids can have some fun helping you paint. That would be a fun Saturday project for the whole family, with the adults building and the kids painting.

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Kids’ Sandbox Picnic Table

Kids love playing in sandboxes. So what do you think about a kids’ picnic table with a sandbox attached? It may seem like a crazy idea, but it’s practical. The kids sit on the benches and play in the sand. When it’s time to eat, you place the lid on the sandbox to turn it into a table. When the meal is over, you remove the lid so the fun can continue.

It is a bit more difficult to follow these plans because they aren’t as detailed. It may be helpful to study and understand the plan for the bigger kids’ table first. It will be much easier to understand this more advanced plan once you are comfortable with the simpler ones.

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Cheap Kids’ Picnic Table

We all have to be careful with our money nowadays. Perhaps you want to build your kids an awesome picnic table, but you can’t afford the lumber. That’s OK. You just need free lumber. Yes, there is a way to get free lumber if you know where to look. Contact grocery stores and factories near your home and ask them if you can have some of their trash pallets. Then follow this plan on how to make a kids’ picnic table from old pallets.

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Note: Most pallets are reusable. It’s important to ask for the pallets before you take them. Don’t assume that they’re being thrown away just because they are stacked outback.

To Wrap Things Up…

So now you know how easy it is to build a picnic table that your kids will love. Make sure you follow these safety tips when using your power tools. And while your planning for the coming picnic season, check out this post to be sure you have all of the equipment and supplies that you need.


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